My name is Hanna Morrison and I am a student at Seattle Pacific University earning my Masters in Teacher Leadership. I am also an Elementary Safety Net Literacy teacher for grades 1-5. I love to work with a variety of age levels in small groups. I feel fortunate to be able to hone in on one subject area and truly align my instruction to what my students need. My background is in Special Education, as I did a dual endorsement program at Western Washington University and taught in a resource room for my first half-year in the teaching profession. Then, I took a year off to teach abroad in Nepal. There, I lived at an orphanage children center and was a volunteer Creative Arts and English teacher to 40 students, ages 3 to 16 years old. This experience has shaped me and my teaching.

Since returning to the U.S., I have started a non-profit organization to support the students I grew to love in Nepal. My non-profit raises funds for Nepali youth to go to college in their home country and have a chance to build a successful future for themselves. So, with co-directing an organization, teaching, and being in a masters program, my life has become busy in a great way. In my spare time, I practice yoga, go hiking, and travel.