The purpose of this electronic portfolio is to document and share my own new learning and reflections on what I am learning throughout the Masters in Teacher Leadership program at Seattle Pacific University. It will showcase my progression toward becoming a leader in the teaching profession over the next two years.

All of the content I post will be related to one or more of these Teacher Leadership standards:

  • TL 1: Model ethical and moral behavior.
  • TL 2: Analyze learning to promote student growth.
  • TL 3: Improve teaching and learning through the use of educational research at the classroom and school levels.
  • TL 4: Engage in analysis of teaching and collaborative practices.
  • TL 5: Establish a culturally inclusive learning climate that facilitates academic engagement and success for all students.
  • TL 6: Communicate and collaborate with a variety of stakeholders.
  • TL 7: Utilize instructional frames to improve teaching.
  • TL 8: Present professional practice for the review of colleagues.
  • TL 9: Evaluate and use effective curriculum design.
  • TL 10: Understand effective use of research based instructional practices.
  • TL 11: Utilize formative and summative assessment in a standards based environment.
  • TL 12: Evaluate and use technology for teaching and learning.

This portfolio will also serve as a forum to collect and organize all of the original work I have done for courses in one place. It will provide an easy way to make my work available for my colleagues and others to view.